Sunday, 12 February 2012

Board Games and Cocktails! Geek Spirits

What an unusual combination. It's what we can call a sophisticated world of Geeks!!!!! :)
Our friends Karl and Melanie invited us to a Sunday day spent at their house in Woking playing our great board games and enjoying the glamourous company of the quintessential cocktails.
Once more I brought my trade tools, together with the proper booze and fresh fruit and the result was as it was expected, crazy board games and night finished with a famous bottle drinking game.
We brought also with us our Italian flatmates and Hugo and Andre, so we spend a terrific day.
Cocktails go well with everything don't they?

Woking Cocktail Bar Open 
Hugo enjoying his Chelsea Rose
Sara doing her mixologist experiments 
Coriander Mojito, my creation
Can we still focus????
Unusual combination, cocktails and brains
Uhhreee Drinking Game!!!!! A shot for the one that drops the cards blowing
Drinking game winner, Melanie!!! With more shots of course!!!! :)

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