Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tranx Birthday

Some days ago we had the Birthday Party of my long time friend from Uni, Tranx, Ricardo for the family. He is working in Sony but he also works on weekends in a Pub so he is very keen in drinks preparation. So he challenged me to do cocktails for everyone coming to his house. And so we did, like a production line me and Ricardo and with the help of Sara and others we supplied everyone with spicy Mojitos and some classics to prepare for the rest of the evening.
It was great fun and our team worked smoothly. Who knows in the future....

It was also the first and almost only day of Snow in London!!! So after the dinner .. Snowwwww Fighttttt!!!!!!!!

Me Tranx and Nando!!!

Production Line!! Cocktailing

Sara's Photo Art

Clown Garnish!!!! 

Team photo before the War!! 

Sara targeting the cameraman!! :)

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