Monday, 14 November 2011

Meet The World Project Update

After one year since we started our travelings we need to assess the situation and share it.

To be loud and clear, our dream of travelling around the world will happen, one way or another.

Our idea of coming to London to save money quickly and learn the hospitality skills has proven to be of greater difficulty. The recession is also in London so the great time of good and easy wages is gone. After 8 months in London working in lower conditions we had not save a single pound.

So in the Summer we decided to save in the thing that made us spend more money, dinners out and drinks. We also stopped doing costly extras (like paintball) and opted for free or great price programs. (using groupons) This attitude with the extra job I got has finally given us proper savings and we hope to reach the end of the year with 5000 pounds of savings.

Sara has also decided to look for a job in her area, since it will improve her cv and will contribute to increase our budget. It's been quite hard to find in London and she has to make an online assessment to be able to provide a service that will increase the possibility of getting a job. We'll see...

In the meantime we have been trying to find a job in the Cayman Islands (nowadays in all Caribbean islands) and due to the hurricane season and also recession (it's true Caribbean is also in crisis) we got nothing. We are trying everything, from bartending to management ( I have 5 different CVs ) but until now, almost zero feedback.

I'm even going to do a Personal Assistant course (for free using the hospital training) to get a diploma and apply to be a PA in all the financial companies in the Caribbean. Now that I'm a bartender why not a secretary? ;)

So our decision is made, if by March we do not find a job, we will have enough money (8000 pounds) to go for half a year without it and the journey will start.

And we'll try to make it start the most adventurous way by taking a ride in one of the hundreds of boats that cross the Atlantic with the help of volunteers... a type of boat surfing instead of couch surfing ... and off we go... :D

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