Monday, 16 January 2012

We are back on business guys!!!!

And the cloud of doubts and delays is over. We are sorry for so many weeks without news but we must confess that our moral was at the lowest level since we started this adventure.

We only started to save money in the second half of the year, and for that we had to sacrifice even more our life here, just as an example, in the last 6 months I believe we ate out of home 2/3 times!!! And in 14 months I went out for drinks twice!!!!! We don't do anything that costs money besides sport to keep our sanity. We have the gym and my football, which is now only twice a week. We also have the cinema pass, for 15 pounds a month unlimited movies. This means I watch an average of 8 movies per month, nothing good escapes from me!!! And I say I go because our schedules are very frustrating. I wake up at 7am to work, Sara starts to work at 16.30, I finish work at 17, Sara comes home from work at 2am!!! So our coincident time is from 2am to 7am!!! It's like 2 ppl living alone in the same house. We also have been working weekends all this time, I for example come home every friday and saturday at 5am!!!  And for a long time we did not know when we were going to leave.

But, after we decided and reaching the end of the year we started to really the end of the tunnel we are back to high voltage. It has been a great waste to live in this magnificent city without really living it to its most, but it may be a strong reason to come back properly. Future will tell.

Yes, the year started we a shopping frenzy to take advantage of the Christmas sale. Our shopping list is extensive, you guys can see it here. Our objective is to buy everything we need, including the travel insurance and flights (around 3500£) and have 6000£ to start our journey. That will be possible at the end of March. So the departure is confirmed for April!!!! Uhhhh Uhhhhh

The next posts we will try to recover everything that happened in this gap. But the countdown is on... 75 days to ignition..... :D

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