Friday, 20 January 2012

DHL Xmas

As a strong tradition in UK, company's Xmas party have to exist no matter what. A place is booked, some food included and if lucky some drinks.
No difference from DHL's and we even managed to have a lots of free drinks, using the account of the General Manager who was quite drunk.
It is also tradition to get drunk, even if you are 50 years old and the most senior person in the room. You dance, shout and do all crazy stuff like weddings, and next day we are all around a table acting serious has nothing had happened.
Very strange this people from the North... :D
These are some of the pictures. The place was crap, but we had some fun!!!!

Me, the big boss and the great Aravinda!!!!

Celso and our boss Tona!!!!

Tina Turner and Freddy Mercury

The Imperial Trust Team

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