Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sarah's Birthday

30th of November was the special day. Sarah's day!!!! :D
I took the day off and we spent the day in the center of the World, Greenwich!!!! Where everything begins!! Beside all the special characteristics of the place there is also a great museum of Clock evolution. How did time keeping started in the world? How did everyone in the world had the same time when the only mean of communication was the telegraph? Very interesting indeed. We then had a special event on the Planetarium where we learned about constellations with a very funny French astrologist.
To finish the night we went to a Lebanese restaurant!!! but without the belly dance!! :D Delicious!!!
It was a wonderful day, finished with a colorful cake!!!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!! :D

Greenwich Hill!!! Beautiful area

The center of the Universe

There is a laser above London with Longitude 0o

Special Garnish

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